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Press Room / 10 września, 2014

ZMorph is winning the hearts of makers throughout Europe

ZMorph 3D, hardware and software manufacturer starts selling its personal fabrication devices in six additional European countries: France, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. Already in November this year, the company will offer another three new innovative global solutions in its personal fabricating unit – laser cutter, 3D scanner and 5-axis universal toolhead adapter.

ZMorph 3D printers are the only ones in the world, that offer so rich palette of choices with its interchangeable toolhead system. It gives them ability not only to print with all types of plastics available, but also ceramics, rubber, nylon, chocolate and cake as well as work as a 3D milling machines. Being able to use multiple techniques and materials for home & office’s digital materialization they are perceived as a leader in the era of personal fabrication. For the time being, there are 9 different subtractive and additive fabrication techniques available that cooperate with ZMorph, and there are 5 next in the process of preparation, which are going to be compatible with Zmorphs own in-house developed software called Voxelizer.

– Multifunctionality is our main advantage over the competition, it allows your 3D printer to be so much more, it becomes your personal fabricator, a mini factory that can work in almost every workshop, office or home. We focus primarily on enabling production of objects in a variety of technologies, which makes ZMorph most versatile 3D printer in the world – says Przemek Jaworski, CEO & Founder of ZMorph. Later this year the company will also offer a few additional toolheads, allowing cutting and engraving, 3D scanning and printing elastic materials for an unique use in fashion or medicine.

In addition to already commercially available multifunctional printer, ZMorph also features an innovative and technologically advanced in-house developed software package which is based on voxels – three-dimensional pixels, called Voxelizer. It provides excellent 3D print quality, but also supports the user in the proper preparation of the model. Thanks to the synergy between hardware and software developed by the ZMorph team, it makes the company jump in to a significant place in the global market of digital production and sales of related services.
ZMorph devices were very well received at the recent 3D Print Show in London.

– We managed to present our vision for creating to a vast public together with our latest software release as well as acquired several new distributors, so that our products go on sale in additional European markets, among others: France, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and Russia, as well as in Israel – highlights B. Weryho COO of Zmorph
ZMorph’s devices can already be purchased in the United Kingdom, United States, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The company has another ace up its sleeve, mainly the launch of its first concept store in the Dutch city of Haarlem this autumn, which is considered an important center for 3D printing and ‘makers’ movement worldwide. Their stand in the 3D Print show in London was visited by over 10 000 visitors and later this year, ZMorph will present their products at trade fairs such as 79th Thessaloniki International Fair, TCT Birmingham, Inside 3D ​​Painting Conference in Santa Clara, California and NewTech in Stockholm.

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